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Featured in
The Which? consumer magazine
UK Stock Market Awards 2017, in association with KPMG


What we do in 7 easy points…

1. We promote essential services such as, land line and mobile telephony, internet and energy, both for the residential and business market.

2. Our customers save money, they benefit from our award-winning customer service and get all their services on one very accurate, convenient monthly bill.

3. You are provided with full back up and support with a professionally managed web site which means you can build a national business, someone can sign on your site anywhere in the country either as a customer or distributor.

4. Free training and support at over 80 venues across the UK, you are in business for yourself but not just left on your own. We have a system that will guarantee success.

5. Everytime you register a customer you receive between £50-£350​ (Quick income plan) per customer.

Example, just 1-2 hours per week getting just one customer x 52 weeks (No hype) would give you a total of 52 customers @ Avg £100.00 = £5200 per annum extra or like having a 15% pay rise if you earn between £35-£40k and that’s just the starting point.

The more customers you gather the more £££ you make, would that benefit you and your family?

6. You can recruit other distributors and build a team, when your team gathers customers you make more money, there is no limit to the size of the team.

7. You can register to become a distributor for just £100, if you register as a customer first that is reduced to just £50.00 with a 90-day money back guarantee. So, there is no risk.

The time is now, the question is how soon would you like to get started?

Enjoy the confidence of working with a Genuine British Public Company in which you can buy shares from your high street bank or earn share options from time to time, the options issued so far have a market value of £80 million ​and there will be more.

We have a turnkey support system now in place that will ensure your success.



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